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JSR Tiling Ltd is a Canterbury-based tile installation business which regularly services covering most Christchurch and around Canterbury.  Since 2016, we also had our new based in Queenstown. JSR Tiling Ltd. is a tiling company specializing in wall and floor tiling for residential housing and commercial building. 

We have a depth of knowledge and a wide range of experience in all aspect of the tiling from marble, granite, mosaic, ceramics and porcelain We are a company built on several things. Honesty, integrity and dedication, but above all passion! We are passionate about tiling installation service which ultimately - on every job - is reflected in the result.


Our Process

For us, tile laying is much more than just a means of decoration it is a process, an artwork and a form of expression. Our workmanship is a testament to this in itself. This coupled with our uncompromising attitude towards using only the best materials available and following the process the way it should be, and not taking any short-cuts ensures success and longevity to all the work we carry out. We believe in: "Do something at a time, and do it right !". We guarantee all of our work. 


Good and Easy to Deal with


Passion, Qualified and Skilful Tiler

DedicatedReliable and Trust Worthy


Fast, Efficient, and High Standard

Black and White Tiles

Our Quality Guarantee

Our knowledge and experience (10+ yrs) in tiles will ensure you receive service of the highest quality from planning through to completion. We have no short cuts to quality and combine premium craftsmanship that gives special attention to detail. We are honest, hardworking, reliable and can provide great results which ensure projects are delivered on time and budget.

We have the manpower and resources to do massive commercial projects.

Tell us about your project today.

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